magic hour

spin class..

if you give it your all you can burn up to 500 calories in one hour..

you burn roughly 1700 calories a day just by staying alive in a sedentary lifestyle…..

that’d be a minimum of 2200 calories you’ll burn that day considering the elevated rate of your metabolism after the class….

almost a pound of solid stored energy gone from your body…

magic hour..


if it were a cake walk

we’d all be cows

keep ya chin up kid

put down the cheeseburger

pick up a stalk of celery

lace up your running shoes

and drop and give me twenty

let’s bring some positivity and motivation to our struggle

we’re in this together

next time you think about binging

take your shirt of and start crunching

with each one say to yourself

"we’re in this together"

after seeing your tummy while crunching shirtless

those cheetos arent gonna look so good

and the thought of the hundreds of girls fighting hard for the same goal

come on.

lets do it.